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Lustrous olive steel. A tiny tick on the obverse rim at 8:00 is the only mark of note. Ex Stack's Nov 2009 74th anniversary sale lot 765.
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1823 O-106 VF30. Choice VF+ coin. Nice light toning.
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1835 O-109 VF30. Choice old dirt gray. Very attractive coin.
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rim dent below date; slightly bent
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Choice steel brown coin in a new PCGS holder graded VF35.
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Full brilliant red. coin in an NGC holder.
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Called "98% bit faded red" on the 1989 Grellman tag that comes with this coin. From the September 2009 M&G / Goldberg sale of the Naftzger late dates where it was lot 984. The provenance on this...
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Dark brown with some chocolate on the reverse. Middle die state B with the biesecting crack halfway formed between the left rim and the bridge of the nose.
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Pincer 8. Choice reddish brown and tan with a very lustrous reverse. Ex Bowers and Merena August 1991 ANA sale lot 127. In a PCGS AU53 holder.
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