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Choice light brown. Every fine large cent from the 1820's should be this color. Late die state with the small rim cud between stars 5 and 6.
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Even brown with some attractive red patination on Miss Liberty.
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Choice gray coin. As nice as they come.
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Cataloged by Grellman as: Glossy steel brown and chocolate with faded mint red in the protected areas, especially on the reverse. The only notable marks are a tiny struck-through line in the...
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Smooth glossy tan and brown head of 1793 cent in a new (November 2017) PCGS holder graded F12.
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Flashy olive and tan. Boldly struck EDS with some PL surfaces on both sides. Slabbed in a an older (third generation?) green label PCGS holder.
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1825 O-103 VF25 or better. Choice light gray with traces of luster on both sides - moreso on the reverse.
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Glossy dark chocolate brown with smooth hard surfaces. There are a few trivial marks on both sides that cause the net grade. This is the most scarce variety of 1819 and is very hard to find at...
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Glossy chocolate brown.
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